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Sexsomnia Acceptance | Covert Hypnotherapy
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Sexsomnia Acceptance


Who Should Use This:  Men who want the target woman to accept, allow, and enjoy his sexsomnia disorder.


How To Use This: This covert hypnosis CD should be listened to as background music by the target woman when in a relaxing situation. It is imperative the male be present during the listening process as the new programming will be attached only to him.


How It Effects Men: This CD has no therapeutic effect on men.


How It Effects Women: This covert hypnosis CD programs the female mind to accept, allow, and enjoy her male sexual partner’s sexsomnia disorder.





What’s Included: You will receive the Sexsomnia Acceptance Covert Hypnosis CD as well as the Tranquility Disguise Sticker. We include the sticker for men who are concerned the target woman could discover the covert hypnosis CD. Applying the disguise sticker makes the covert hypnosis CD appear to be a tranquility CD. This sticker allows you to prevent the female target from discovering she is receiving sexsomnia acceptance hypnotherapy.



Warning: This covert hypnosis CD should under no circumstances be played for groups of people as the results would be highly unpredictable. This covert hypnosis CD is intended to be used by men who enjoy a meaningful relationship with the target female. This covert hypnosis CD is not intended to be used on multiple women or for other unethical purposes.


Click here if you would rather purchase the instant mp3 download version of Sexsomnia Acceptance.



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