Every single thing you’ve witnessed to this exact moment in your life, all the roads you’ve been down only impeded by the painful longing you continue to endure, the countless times you’ve struggled with every ounce of your being to solve the problems you know should be so damn easy to solve, all of these things my friend, all of these fleeting triumphs and consistent failures have lead you to one place at this very moment in time… That place is right here, right now… You now have the choice to take advantage of the place in which you find yourself, embrace what you have discovered as well as what you stand to learn, or you can simply move on. In the end the choice is yours as well it should be, I simply ask you to make certain your decision serves you and yours well.


If your one of the few who continues reading past the cliff notes then I’d like to lighten the load off your back. I know without doubt you have tried vigorously to get through to your woman but I’m here to jump a little bit in your face and tell you it’s all been in vein, you never stood a chance my friend. You were playing a game you were unable to win because the deck was stacked against you. Our culture, our society, past cultures, past societies, and more importantly modern economics have all created a reality in which women reside. This reality is filled with millions of things from potted plants to plug in air fresheners but somehow sexuality failed to make the list. Men today consider themselves lucky if their woman has any interest in sexual activity whatsoever. Women’s sexual desires have been replaced by materialistic desires for which men pay the bill. This is the very reason I decided to quit my private practice of twenty three years and develop the covert hypnosis method. The time has come to tear down the walls which imprison women’s sexual desires.


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Dr. Adler